If you are asking on your own, “can crayfish live together?” Well, the response is mosting likely to be a large fat, “it depends.”

There are many elements that come into play with animal crayfish. Believe me, I have actually had a number of crayfish over the past few years. I’ve owned two electrical blue crayfish and also one albino crayfish that probably could have eliminated a small dog.

To begin with, just how big of a container are you intending on making use of to keep your crayfish in? If you intend on using a ten gallon fish tank for greater than one crayfish, personally I would certainly state that’s not a great choice. Among my crayfish fought to the fatality with one more one of my crayfish while residing in a 10 gallon container. Yes, they managed perfectly for some time, but eventually it involved claws, as well as these people went at it, hard.

I remember strolling in from job someday to see that my blue crayfish had actually been consumed by my albino crayfish. There were small blue pieces of my crayfish throughout the storage tank. It was not quite, however that’s nature occasionally.

Personally, if you plan on having more than one crayfish, I ‘d recommend at the very least a twenty gallon aquarium with lots of concealing areas, or hideouts. Crayfish like being able to hide. And being able to hide out is especially crucial when they are molting. Because when they molt, they come to be weak and are much more prone to assaults by both crayfish and other fish.

I would certainly additionally recommended keeping your crayfish fed. Now, I do not imply whatsoever to over-feed your crayfish. Crayfish currently unclean the suck enough as it is and over-feeding them will only make it even worse. So do not overfeed these little guys.

Simply bear in mind, crayfish are scavengers as well as they are exceptionally hostile. They are omnivores. They like to consume anything they can get their claws on. Because of their nature, there’s pretty much no warranty that they will not capture as well as consume another crayfish in your container. Having stated that, look for fish that are hostile, swim near the top of the container and/or swim quickly if you are seeking tank companions for your crayfish. These sorts of fish will certainly have the most effective chance at enduring.

So, can crayfish live together in the very same fish tank? Yes, it’s possible, yet there is no guarantee with these crazy little guys.

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