The Black Secret Snail is a prominent fish tank resident and also will do well even in small fish tanks with a capacity of no more than 10 gallons. When you locate these snails in aquarium shops, they will typically have a size of 3/4″ to 1-1/4″. As your Black Mystery snail gets older, it can get to a dimension of 2″. The snail is not an aggressive varieties and it is consequently suitable for area aquariums with docile fish species. You should normally not house it with fish types that consume snails in the wild, unless the fish is significantly smaller than this snail.

This snail comes from Apple Snail household. In the Apple Snail household you can discover approximately 120 snail varieties as well as most of them are popular in fish tanks. Much like all the various other snail species from this family members, the Black Enigma snail has a siphon that is usage to breath oxygen from the air.

The Black Secret snail will stay immersed near the waters surface area in the aquarium and stretch up the siphon right into the air. It is very important that the snail is not denied accessibility to the surface in the fish tank, because this will certainly cause it to asphyxiate. Leave a void of at least 2 inches in between the water as well as any cover. In its indigenous waters of Brazil, the Black Mystery snail will certainly invest the day resting and also come to be active at dark. It will certainly invest the majority of its time submerged, but it can in fact stroll ashore trying to find food. When it is kept in an aquarium, you can see it scavenging for food in the substrate or gliding up the glass to breath at the surface area.

As the name indicates, the pigmentation of this snail is primarily black, however you can locate specimens that are embellished with gold as well as cream color shades too. The pattern varies between each specific snail. This sort of snail can adjust to many pH worths as long as your prevent the extremes, however preferably to keep the pH from 6.5 to 8.0 as well as prevent rapid changes. The favored dH range is 12-18 and the suggested water temperature 68-85 ° F.

The Black secret snail is an omnivore species that will gladly consume left over fish food as well as help you maintain the fish tank tidy. You can for instance feed it flakes and frozen food. It will certainly additionally eat algae and also dead and decaying plant issue. If the aquarium is without any type of plants, you should routinely feed your Black Enigma snail vegetables as well as algae based food.

Sexing These snails is hard, however when 2 snails of comparable age have been kept on a comparable diet in the very same environment, the greatest of them will commonly be the female one. A Black Mystery snail is never hermaphroditic. During the breeding period, the female will deposit her eggs in clutches over the waterline.

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